Project Management Support

From simple advice to the total completion of the project, we offer on-site support throughout all different execution phases. Whether for a new creation or a restoration, for any style or period of reference, we assist our customers’ projects by managing them directly or through an architect in order to optimize their completion.

Project Management Support – Experience with Complex Sites

Experienced in taking on ambitious projects involving several types of work, Ateliers Chapuis are able to identify needs, requirements, and constraints.

After initial contact, Ateliers Chapuis will present a preliminary framework based on their understanding of the project to define expectations and the feasibility of the assignment.

Recommendations range from simple advice to complete planning and management of the project. From preparation to total completion, Ateliers Chapuis coordinates the various stakeholders providing assistance and advice.

As part of a restoration project, Ateliers Chapuis carry out in-depth studies and archaeological analyses. They investigate construction techniques, the nature of the wood, traces and signs to discover its age, marks from tools used, bonding methods and assembly processes, among other things.

Project management support may be provided for each individual phase separately, based on the expressed needs, or for the entire project end-to-end.

Ateliers Chapuis provide project management services and follow up on-site. The various teams of artisans and craftsmen of Ateliers Chapuis work under their supervision in a coordinated manner, in order to secure both quality of execution and respect for defined deadlines.